Our Partnership

In early 2012, Gerry Ford, CEO of Caffè Nero and Adam Ringer, CEO of Green Coffee met and found they had much in common. They wanted to create a unique coffee house experience in Poland; something that brought together the best from each brand, something that felt special.

They believed to make a great experience you needed the best coffee – in this case premium Italian coffee – handmade fresh natural food, great service and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. They wanted to create stores that were themselves handcrafted by local artisans – from the stairs, to the bar to the signs and they wanted to open new stores in interesting places. Never wanting to be the biggest, only the best.

So, they decided to combine their expertise and with a lot of hard work, dedication and support from the team at Green Coffee, they created Green Caffè Nero; a place, they hoped that would feel like a second home to everyone who visited.

We have grown one coffee, one customer and one store at a time - always trying to be the best at what we do.

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