Our Ethics

Working directly with farmers

We have come from a grass roots organisation that started off in an office above our cafe. From the beginning, we embraced the values of fairness, decency, warmth, kindness and the pursuit of excellence. Our approach to coffee sourcing is no different. If we’re to continue to create excellent coffee, we need to ensure that the farmers who grow our beans are rewarded.  At Caffè Nero, we owe our reputation to sourcing high quality beans, and we pay premium prices for those beans.

At present, the vast majority of the beans in our unique blend are sourced from identifiable and traceable sources, and we are working hard to ensure we purchase every bean this way.

We’re also working with Rainforest Alliance on the certification of our beans and on encouraging sustainable livelihoods for our farmers, taking responsibility not just for great coffee, but those at origin that help us to get there.

Our Food

As well as coffee, food is an important part of our café culture and so our hunt for the highest quality, freshest food that caters for everyone never stops.

Our development team constantly reacts and adapts, looking to where we can reduce salt, fat, sugar, or offer alternative products in response to your valuable feedback.

We’re transparent: everything is clearly labelled and all nutritional information can be found on our website.